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I'm Duncan Hart and I'm a senior risk and cybersecurity specialist.

I have significant experience in multiple industries and multiple geographies - from in depth engineering to Board-level management. I'm also a postgraduate alumni of The Information Security Group, Royal Holloway, University of London. See my LinkedIn profile for my career history.

I microblog at and cross-post to @duncanhart. On Matrix I'm

I'm the Chief Cybersecurity Risk Quant and Managing Partner at RiskQuant, a specialist in quantitative cybersecurity risk assessment. I also do secure systems research and development at Applied OpenBSD and at XMPP.SX.

I'm English but now live and work in Melbourne, Australia.

In my spare time I'm an amateur meteorologist and you can check my local weather at Toorak Weather. I also maintain a primary, stratum 1, time server using OpenNTPD.