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  • Easy and comforting

    Accepting that everyone wants easy and comforting answers in a complex and painful world is a rare thing.

  • Dignity

    Pull persuasion is so effective because it preserves the dignity of the individual, and by dignity I mean their control over their decisions and actions.

  • Already in their mind

    If you want to successfully persuade you need to “enter the conversation that’s already in their mind” Gory Holbert.

  • The unchanging man

    In life it’s best to focus on what matters and what we can control. One way to do this is to think less about the ever changing world and more about what Bill Bernbach would call ‘the unchanging man’.

  • Why Pull persuasion?

    So, why Pull Persuasion? Why not Push persuasion with obligations, commands, or requirements? With Pull persuasion, these latter things are called impositions because they impose intentions onto the message recipient without a welcome invitation. And people always resist unwelcome attempts to change them. Instead Pull persuasion focuses on the point of reception: the person that […]

  • Unwelcome and uninvited

    People usually resist outside attempts to persuade them. That’s because the message is often uninvited and unwelcome. It’s an imposition on the receiver without an invitation, a self-interested piece of communication often expressed as a command or a requirement.

  • Pull persuasion

    Great story tellers are very subtle. In fact the less the story teller spells out the more powerful the story can become. The recipient is telling herself the story so allowing her to draw her own conclusion is far more integrated and effective than the story teller just announcing the punch line.

  • Driven by scarcity

    “If we merely try to fill a hole in the market, we’re doomed to a cycle of rearview mirror behaviour. We’re nothing but a commodity in the market, always wary of our competition. We have no choice but to be driven by scarcity, focused on maintaining or perhaps slightly increasing our market share.” This is […]

  • We sell or else

    For many business folk sales is an afterthought. Itʼs the thing they do that allows them to do what they really want to do. Big mistake. In fact, sales is the reason for their business to exist. If you canʼt sell what you make, you canʼt help anyone, influence anyone, or make anyoneʼs life easier, […]

  • Great power

    People only occasionally believe that they’re told, but they never doubt what they conclude themselves. Therein lies the great power or danger.